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You want your pool to be looking clean and refreshing. Southeast Pools in Raleigh, NC is here to help with top-of-the line Pool Automation Systems. A Pool Automation System is a Pool Cleaner that vacuums dirt and other debris. Suction-side Pool Automation Systems, Pressure-side Pool Automation Systems, and Electric Robotic Pool Automation Systems are the main types of Pool Automation Systems.  Whatever your specific needs for an Automated Pool Cleaner, look no further than Southeast Pools in Raleigh, NC. Southeast Pools has been in the swimming pool supplies business for over 10 years. Contact Southeast Pools for information about Automated Pool Cleaners today!

Suction-side Pool Automation Systems

Suction-side Pool Automation Systems operate on return from water pumped from the pool by the skimmer which is then used to drive suction for the system. Suction-side Automation Systems are driven solely by the pool’s main pump and rely on the filter system of the pool to remove debris. Suction-side Automation Systems are well-built and require little maintenance or part replacement. Suction-side Automation Systems are the most popular and least expensive type of Pool Automation Systems, but since they require use of the main pool pump, Suction-side Automation systems do lower suction of the main pump, increasing electricity costs and frequency of maintenance for the Pool Pump and Pool Filter Systems.

Pressure-side Pool Automation Systems

Pressure-Side Pool Automation Systems are driven by a second pump providing extra pressure to move and for removal of debris. The secondary pump lowers effort required by the pool’s main pump, but Pressure-side Automation Pool Systems require the more electricity use than either the Pressure-side or Electric Robotic Pool Automation Systems.

Electric Robotic Pool Automation Systems

Electric Robotic Pool Automation Systems are operated from a separate electric source and are not dependent on the pool’s main pump and filter systems. Electric Robotic Automation systems have a motor providing suction of water into a semi-permeable bag collecting debris, then returning filtered water back into the pool. Electric Robotic Automation Systems have a second motor to power movement and brushes that scrub the pool as it moves. Unlike the random movement of Pressure-side or Suction-side Pool Automation Systems, Electric Robotic Pool Automation Systems contain a programmed microchip and sensors that control movement. Electric Robotic Systems can be time-set in cycles to reduce energy expenditure and improve efficiency. Electric Robotic Pool Automation Systems are the most expensive of the three, but save money in the long-run on electricity, maintenance, repair, and replacement costs.

Pool Automation Systems from Southeast Pools

Southeast Pools in Raleigh, NC proudly offers these and other top-of the line Pool Automation Brands:

  • Pentair
  • Jandy & Zodiac
  • Hayword
  • Speck

Southeast Pools also offers manual pool vacuumsContact Southeast Pools in Raleigh, NC today for advice on Pool Automation Systems today!

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