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In order to maintain optimal performance for your pool, a properly functioning pool pump is of the utmost importance. Your  pool pump must be compatible with your pool and your pool’s unique set-up. Pool pump size, pool pump speed, and pool pump brand are all important factors to consider when shopping for a new or replacement pump for your swimming pool. Southeast Pools in Raleigh has been the premier source for pool pumps and other swimming pool supplies for more than 10 years. We make it our business to help you with all of your specific pool maintenance and service needs, so your Pool Pump can last. Look no further than Southeast Pools in Raleigh for all of your pool pump and pool product needs. Contact Southeast Pools for pool products and pool pumps in Raleigh, NC today!

Pool Pump Size

Pump size is a very important variable in making sure that your pool is well maintained and operating efficiently. Too large a pump will force more water through a smaller filter. This causes resistance, straining the pump and shortening its life. Too small a pump will not properly filter your pool. A well maintained and correctly sized pool pump can be expected to last up to 10 years. Failure to size your motor properly, on the other hand, can lead to motor failure in less than a year. The experts at Southeast Pools are here to help you select a pool motor that is properly sized for your pool.

Pool Pump Speed and Type

Another important factor to consider is the pool pump speed. pool pump motors come in 3 types: single speed pool pumps, two speed pool pumps, and variable speed pool pumps. Each of these types of pool pumps have specific advantages and drawbacks. Your choice of a single speed pool pump, two-speed pool pump, or variable-speed pool pump can cost or save you thousands. The pros at Southeast Pools have knowledge and experience to help you determine which pool pump will best meet your needs.

Pool Pump Brands and Products from Southeast Pools

Once you have determined the size and speed of your pool pump, selecting the brand will be the final step before purchasing your pool pump. Your investment in a pool pump should provide you with ease of mind, and Southeast Pools in Raleigh, NC is proud to offer these top-of the line pool pump brands, as well as many More:

  • Pentair
  • Jandy & Zodiac
  • Hayword
  • Speck

Customer service is Southeast Pools’ number one priority. We take time and work with our customers to carefully select the proper Pool Pump to provide maximum performance and lifetime.  By letting Southeast Pools in Raleigh, NC help you to select and maintain your pool motor, you save time and money! Contact Southeast Pools in Raleigh, NC today and let us start helping you with all your pool pump needs!


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