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Is your concrete pool in need of maintenance or service? Southeast Pools is the choice for high quality Maintenance and Services for your Raleigh, NC Concrete Pool . A Concrete or Gunite Pool requires specific maintenance at regular intervals, so Southeast Pools creates a unique plan for each  Concrete pool owner in Raleigh, NC. Concrete or Gunite pool cleaning, preventative and corrective maintenance,  and winterization, are just some of the services Southeast Pools is proud to conduct in Raleigh, NC. Whatever the maintenance or service needs for your Concrete or Gunite Pool, Southeast Pools in Raleigh, NC is here to do the job.

Raleigh Concrete Pool Cleaning and Concrete Pool Maintenance Services 

Concrete pool maintenance requires special care and attention.  Concrete contains  pores that are microscopic, allowing bacteria to become trapped. Buildup of bacteria over time can affect the  chemical balance of your pool.  Concrete pools therefore must be treated with higher levels of  chemicals and  filtration to maintain PH and other levels.  Over-shocking your Pool can create significant problems.  Chemical use in excess may erode concrete, potentially to the degree that massive repairs become required to maintain structural integrity. Resurfacing of concrete pools is required approximately every  10 years, but overuse of salt and chemicals can reduce the time between these intervals and be more costly to perform. Southeast Pools has the experience you want and the products you can trust to ensure that the balances in your concrete or gunite pool is maintained properly.

General use and maintenance of your Concrete or Gunite pool over time also wears down the foundation. This often results in a rugged  surface. Unsafe conditions for swimming may develop if this goes unremedied, and swimmers may be injured. Cracks are the biggest threat to Concrete or Gunite pools. Cracks can develop from soil movement that disrupts the foundational support of your pool or by erosion.  Crack repair is very difficult and can be very costly As with a rugged surface, swimmers can become injured by swimming in a pool with cracks. Left untreated, it is possible that cracks spread to destroy the foundation of your pool. Southeast Pools in Raleigh, NC has the knowledge and ability to test for and treat these conditions so your pool can be enjoyed for years to come.



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